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Matcha Green Tea grows in the city of Uji, Kyoto, Japan and is the most ancient variety of shade-grown Japanese green tea. The unique technique of shading the Matcha variety of leaves in the final weeks of growth boosts the nutrient value of the leaves.

The ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony is timeless and elegant, described in many books, depicted in many movies, and experienced by countless tea drinkers throughout the ages. Did you know that the tea used in those traditional ceremonies is not just any tea? It's Matcha Green Tea powder!


Why Us?

From our hearts to yours

At Whole Leaf, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first and that means offering the best quality matcha at an affordable price. We have some of the lowest prices in the market not only because we keep our costs low, but very importantly, we are not greedy. We believe everyone should be able to afford monthly subscriptions of matcha and not have to worry about hurting your bank account.

The organic trend is booming for a reason. Consumers are more educated about how food is made and the effects on our bodies. As a society, we are more health conscious than ever before. So why would we even think about selling matcha that isn't USDA certified organic? It never even crossed our mind.

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Organic matcha for drinking.

Monthly Ceremonial Grade Matcha Plan


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3 Month
Ceremonial Plan

Organic matcha for drinking.

3 Month Ceremonial Grade Matcha Plan


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Culinary Plan

Organic matcha for cooking.

Bi-Monthly Culinary Grade Matcha Plan


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