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We Have Take Off!

We Have Take Off!

We have officially launched as of January 1st, 2017. It is a new year and time for new beginnings. As we launch our business, we hope to launch into your hearts and become your favorite source of quality, responsibly sourced, organic matcha.

Whole Leaf Matcha has been in development for the entire previous year. It began as a project for school and quickly cultivated into a real business. Hours and days and months have been filled with research and testing. We are proud to have come this far and offer nothing but the most premium matcha on the market. Straight from Japan and packed at the farm, we can proudly say our matcha is #farmtotable.

We spent a lot time on the minor details but one detail that was most important was that our matcha had to be organic. We would not settle for anything less. We hope you enjoy our hard work to bring you such an amazing product. We hope you share our family with yours and of course, come back for more!


P.S. The color for 2017 is... you guessed it, GREEN! See this article from Pantone

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